Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

TechEvents has put a major emphasis on helping small businesses become as productive as much larger companies by leveraging the technology, productivity, and business analysis products and tools used by those larger companies. In cost effective and easy to use ways, whether your company has one or two workers or several hundred or more.

TechEvents can show you the difference between larger and smaller companies is not much in their needs to run efficiently, grow and maximize profits, but in the ability of smaller companies to have the expertise to select, install, use and maintain these technologies.  When a $50 million company spends $100,000 on technology, it is no big deal.  When a small business spends $10,000 on technology, it is not only a huge deal, it had better provide substantial returns on that investment.

How We Approach Your Needs

Our goal is to understand what it is you want for your business and then help you craft a plan to give you what you need.  Time and time again, our clients have told us that other consultants and firms either offer a fixed menu of products they sell or blindly deliver on the “wants” without a proper analysis of  the underlying needs those wants represent.

Rarely is there just one solution or approach to a problem, but choosing the correct one requires a blend of many variables.  For example, what is the budget for all aspects of the work?  Are there particular deadlines that have to be met?  Are there internal resources available for some of the project work, or will outside resources alone be required?  Are workers excited about having new systems and procedures, or will they be dragged fighting and screaming into a new way of doing things?

What You Can Expect from a Project

Successful projects with an outside consulting firms must start with two things: a person in the company who has the real and perceived authority to accomplish the project tasks and who is committed to its success, and a mutual trust and respect for the consultants who will execute the project.  The company must have confidence that the consultants understand both the objectives of the project and the goals of the company.  The consultants must take into account the practical limitations of the company’s resources and constraints.

Proper planning is the next critical ingredient. The consultants must articulate a clear and unambiguous project plan, establish measurable goals and time lines, and create a performance budget.  Just as important, the consultants must explain and demonstrate that their choices for technology, for processes and procedures, and for project performance are consistent with the overall company goals and objectives.  TechEvents provides you with the expertise in technology and business and the confidence you require to work with a professional firm.

TechEvents Specializes in Finishing Projects where Others Have Failed!