Managment Team

Management Team

Larry Heimendinger began his IT career as a consultant and software developer for mainframe computers. His work focused on large scale, enterprise systems that were central to the businesses he serviced: banking and financial, wholesale grocery, public utilities, warehousing, and public sector companies. He was President and COO of Nantucket Corp, developer and publisher of Clipper, a dBase compiler and application development system until the company was sold to Computer Associates. He was also Chairman and acting CEO of General Kinetics, Inc., a defense manufacturing company that was publicly held. Mr. Heimendinger has also started several small businesses himself. He is keenly aware of the problems and opportunities small businesses face. He is a skilled technologist, understanding both the complexities of networks and server software. More importantly, he has melded those technical skills into an understanding of how to apply them to the problems of small, medium and large businesses. He has written several books, has been trained as a chef and teaches cooking as well as being an avid woodworker.


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