TechEvents helps customers improve their productivity, improve their business processes, develop strategic plans, control their finances, manage their networks, server and devices, and develop analysis tools to help their businesses grow and prosper.  Our methodology is to first understand the needs of the business, the corresponding objectives, and the culture of the organization. Then, and only then, we believe, can we make the appropriate technology recommendations and plans.

Here are some examples of business we have helped:

  • Warehouse Store Broker -Over several years, their systems have evolved from on-premise Small Business Server 2003 to 20011, which provided some of the remote and local services, to Microsoft 365 with custom applications in SharePoint using PowerApps, Flow and Power BI.  When sold to a very large corporation, also using Microsoft 365, transition was effortless.
  • Radiology Imaging Center –A clinic with over fifty client computers and  dozens of  servers handling a range of modalities, image acquisition, processing and reading plus back office operations had not been upgraded in years. New imaging equipment and new software had been ordered, and TechEvents provided the internal IT and related support to acquire, install and configure computer upgrades and replacements, work with the software and modality vendors to manage the new software and imaging installation and roll out.
  • Small Businesses – TechEvents provides services to sole propitiatory business upwards to hundreds of employees and more.  While the IT infrastructure needs of just a few employees is minimal,  they still need access to their data wherever they are, need to communicate effectively with other workers, vendors and customers, and to interact with social media.  Without significant investment in full time staff, these companies rely on TechEvents for both strategic planning and ad hoc assistance.
  • Retail Fashion Boutique Stores – Locally owned, these stores have opened in a dozen cities across the country. Microsoft 365 is used for email, for Teams which allow users to communicate effectively among themselves, Microsoft Shifts, and extensive use of PowerApps and Flow to manage data stored in SharePoint.  Store specific applications like managing petty cash, handling cash deposits from daily sales, and more have not only increased worker productivity but have strengthened suitability and reliability.  Power BI provides visual analysis beyond what their LOB store applications offer.
  • Manufacturing and Wholesale Distributors – TechEvents has experience in all aspects of manufacturing and wholesale distribution from supply chain management to process control to quality assurance and customer satisfaction.
  • Any many more – Transportation, software, insurance, financial, public education, and so many others.

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