Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a lot more than backup.  It is a comprehensive plan that keeps your computers and servers operational for your business in spite of natural and man made events.  Maybe you have been concerned about losing a computer or a hard drive.  But what would happen to your business if you lost ALL of them at once: a flood, storm, fire, or worse.

Disaster Recovery has two components:  identifying the critical areas where you need recovery or fail over and creating a plan, then implementing that plan and keeping your network and computers in compliance with it.

Disaster Recovery used to be only for the largest of companies.  It was not affordable for small to medium sized businesses.  But that has changed dramatically over the past few years.  Now, no business can afford NOT to have a disaster recovery plan.  The technical capabilities and costs have gotten, well, cheap.

No One Size Fits All

There is no DR plan that sits on the shelf, because planning for DR includes looking at your business needs.  But there are some guidelines that make DR planning efficient and easy.

Please don’t overlook experience.  DR is NOT the same as IT.  Most IT companies do what they know, or what they sell.  Rarely does it include a verifiable, reliable DR plan.  But we have the experience and skill set your business needs.

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