Intuit QuickBooks and Point of Sale

Intuit QuickBooks and Point of Sale

QuickBooks is a widely used and mature accounting package for a range of small to medium-sized businesses. There are several versions from an entry level Starter package to a fully featured Enterprise one. Choosing the one best for your company is accomplished by comparing your needs to the features of each product version. One of the advantages of the QuickBooks family of products is that the functions of each level are included in the higher versions, the information and experience of workers is also upwards compatible.

Customers have bennefited from two areas of technical support we have provided that has extended how QuickBooks works for them:

  • Remote users accessing QuickBooks – For many QuickBooks users with inventory requirements, using QuickBooks Online is not a viable option.  For their desktop installations, having users who are remote from the local network where the QuickBooks data files are located is at best a very slow process.  While there are cloud-based hosting solutions, they are both inherently slow (data has to flow over your internet connection anyway) and you will have ongoing monthly costs.  We have devised a solution that only relies on a computer located on your network, and remote workers excute their “desktop” on that computer, providing access times like on site users.

  • Using QuickBooks Data with Specialized Applications and Tasks – All or selected parts of your data can b used in custom apps and workflows to make all sorts of things doable.  Creating these apps and flows does NOT involve a long, technical development process as you might expect, as most of the ones we have done take a matter of hours or days.  Transactions created in QuickBooks like sales orders, purchase orders, etc., becme available to these apps and flows but similar transactions can be created by the apps and flows and sent to QuickBooks.

    Some examples of these apps and flows follow:

  • When items are received on a purchase order – One action is locate all open sales orders that are waiting on that item.  Other actions, along with or insted of that one, could be to send email(s) to the accounting department, customers who are waiting for the sales orders, or to vendors acknowledging receipt.
  • Delivery app on mobile devices – If you locally deliver to your customers, provide an app for drivers to use on their mobil devices that can confirm items being delivered against what was picked for the delivery, get an electriconic signature from the customer, get a picture at the delivery site, send an email to the customer with the images attached and a list of delivered items, then create an invoice to be sent to QuickBooks for the delivered items.  Oh and an app to pick the items and schedule a driver including maps to schedule how multipe deliveries are to be done.

The list of all possible QuicBooks extensions may not include your special requirements but the ones we have done is a long list indeed.  We will work with you to explore the problems you would like to overcome and then craft the appropriate solutions, all at a cost that offers a significant return on investment.

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