TechEvents offers a varied range of consulting and related services. Although TechEvents has some focus on small businesses, expertise is equally available for companies and projects for medium and large enterprises as well.

Small Business Projects

  • Office 365 setup, administration and build out
  • Network planning, implementation and support; multi-location specialists
  • Intuit QuickBooks and Point of Sale planning and implementation
  • planning, implementation and strategic campaigns
  • Marketing and sales promotions, especially how to use the systems to execute and track
  • Develop procedures and work flows
  • Write user manuals and accounting documentation (to support audits for example)
  • User training
  • Custom integration of QuickBooks and Point of Sale with supply chain software

Network and Support Services

  • On-going network support and maintenance – servers, applications, work stations
  • Application support
  • Data and services hosting, temporary or long term

Consulting Projects for Larger Enterprises, including

  • Strategic Planning projects
  • Application Architecture
  • Departmental and company planning sessions and off-sites (develop and conduct)
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Workflow analysis and development
  • SharePoint planning and implementation
  • ERP and CRM applications

Hosting Services

TechEvents can host your data files and services such as email or web sites, on a temporary or ongoing basis.  Primarily, we offer this service to our customers who are transitioning to enhanced network capabilities but have immediate needs.

For example, a growing small business may have hired new representatives who are mobile workers, visiting customers and developing new leads.  Or, a new location is about to open and employees from both need to access QuickBooks data files.  While the business decides what type of network expansion they will use (dedicated VPN routers, Small Business Server, or a mix of devices and software, e.g.), the QuickBooks data files are temporarily located on TechEvents servers so all workers can access them regardless of the location.  Once the network decisions have been made and implemented, the files are relocated to the companies server(s) or shared data folders.

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